Our customers are facing increased demand for wireless data to be available anytime in any place. Urgently needed wireless capacity is being addressed but it results in more elements and networks closer to the users. These new networks are complex and require all the support of a macro site including power, security, access, backhaul and even possibly stealth.


These multiplying numbers of smaller cells as well as Distributed Antenna Systems encompass all combinations of platforms working together with the tower and rooftop sites of the macro cellular network and add to the wireless networks growing complexity. These are challenges of the emerging Heterogeneous Network. These are the challenges Ascend Wireless Networks was built to address.


Ascend Wireless Networks is purpose-built to address the complexities of implementing and operating the heterogeneous networks of today and improving the economics and performance of our wireless carrier customers. From a single source, our customer can efficiently meet the goals of ubiquitous high-speed wireless broadband using our innovative methodologies and our resources to complete each project from design to optimization.

Distributed Antenna Systems
Small Cell Deployments
Public Venues present unique challanges. At ASCEND, designing and installing state-of-the-art, in-building wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is only a part of the service that we provide our customers. Our in-house Professional Services team can be your one source for complete "turnkey"  in-building sites, from design to optimization. We hold the needed licenses and registrations in most all 50 states and all Canada to provide a complete solution.

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